Passenger Profile: Major Boris Shvetsov (майоре Борисе Швецове)

Major Shvecov

Major Shvetsov

 All excerpts are translated  from Russian, please forgive any grammatical errors.

Major Boris Filippovich Shvetsov(1910-1942). His military history begins in 1932 when he served in military air forces of Red Army in command posts. Has ended Military-air academy of N.E.Zhukovsky in 1939. Since July 1939 served in Intelligence service of the Joint Staff of Red Army. Since June 1941 was in official journey toEnglandwhere held a post of the assistant to the air attache at the plenipotentiary of theUSSRinGreat Britain. Was lost in April 1942 in aviation accident over territory of England.

, aged 31, of Moscow, Soviet Union. Burial location unknown.

Major Shvetsov (or Shvecov) was the Assistant of the Military Attache, he was born in 1910 in Moscow.

R. Allenby

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