Passenger Profile: Major Sergey Asaymov (майор Сергей Асямов)

Photos of Major S.A.Asyamov provided by K.Strelbicky (Moscow).  From “Personal Folder” of Asyamov. Moscow Archives.
Hero of theSoviet Union Asyamov Sergey. He was born on November 1, 1907 in the city of Krasnoyarskin to a working class family. He was in the Soviet Army from 1929 to 1933 and the air force until June 1941. In 1931, he completed training at the Yeysk Naval Aviation College (he trained as a pilot instructor), from 1933 he was a pilot of the Civil Air Fleet (CAF), from 1935 he was a pilot in the Lena aviation group of the Main Northern Sea Route.

Order of the Red Banner awarded to Asyamov in April 1942

In the Great Patriotic War from July 1941, he became a Commander of 746 long-range bombers. He took part in the great morale-boosting raid on Berlin on the 10.08.1941. By January 1942, Major Asyamov had carried out 48 sorties. His crew dropped over 100 tons of bombs, causing great losses in manpower and technology. He died on the 30/04/1942 when the DH Flamingo crashed in Great Ouseburn.

Hero of the Soviet Union Gold Star awarded to Asyamov postumously

Order of Lenin

  Information courtesy of Group9May

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