Passenger Profile: Colonel Grigory Pugachev (Пугачев Григорий Петрович)

  • Grigory Pugachev Пугачев Григорий Петрович.
    Please forgive any grammatical errors, all excerts translated from Russian

    • He was born on 17.11.1905 in the village of Zibino, in the Petrovsky district, Saratoskoy area. He was of Russian, peasant origin.
    • He joined the Red Army in 1923 and was finally promoted to�Colonel in 1939.
    • He joined the �Communist Party in 1924.
    • Graduated from the Saratov Infantry School (1923-1926), the Moscow military-political course (1927-1928),
    • Commanded the Department of the Air Force Academy named after Prof. N.E . Zhukovsky (1931-1934),
    • �the Academy of General Staff of the Red Army (1937-1939).
    • Mastered the German language.
    • The platoon commander (October 1926 – September 1927), political leader company of 82 th Infantry Regiment, commander and political leader companies of the 37 th Infantry Regiment (December 1928 – December 1931).
    • Chief of Staff of the 5 th Fighter Squadron, 1 st branch of the Military Staff of the Air Force of the Kiev Military District (November 1934 – December 1949).
    • Available Intelligence Agency from September to December 1939 .. Deputy Chief Information Officer (December 1939 – September 1940), Chief of the military-technical and economic information (September 1940 – July 1941), Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Red Army. “
    • * July 6, 1941 sent on a business trip in England as deputy head of the Soviet military mission. Died in April 1942 in a plane crash over the territory of England.

    NOVEMBER 30, 1947
    Number 02582
    Below the specified officers who died from disease and other causes, is excluded from the lists of the Armed Forces of the USSR: –
    MOSCOW CITY military enlistment office
    3. Colonel PUGACHEV Gregory – Head 5 Department of Intelligence of the General Staff of the Red Army. Killed in air crash 04/30/1942 year.
    Born in 1905. ?n the Red Army from 1923. Wife: PUGACHEVA Olga – Moscow, Vtoraja Izvoznaya Street, Building 29, Apartment 25. List number 3041.

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