Passenger Profile: Major Peter Ivanovich Baranov (майоре Петре Баранове)

All excerts are translated from Russian, please forgive any grammatical errors.
Peter Ivanovich Baranov (1909-1942) a military engineer, 2 ranks. In 1935, he joined the Intelligence Service of the Joint Staff of Red Army. From September 1936 until July 1940, he worked in 6 department of Intelligence service of the Joint Staff of Red Army and he took part in the official journey to the USA, to conduct peace talks with the UK and USA. On July, 6th 1941 he was directed to England by the secretary of the Soviet military mission. He was lost in April 1942 in aviation accident over territory of England.

Irrevocable losses of officers of the Main Intelligence Directorate Red Army General Staff

1.Name, Surname: Baranov Peter Ivanovich.
2.Military Rank: 2 Rank Military Engineer.
3.Position, speciality: Composed at the disposal of Intelligence
4.Place and DOB: Kuibyshev. 1909.
5.How does a District Military Commissariat
intended: professional scout
6.Date and reason of Death: 30.04.1942. Dead during air plane crash.
7.Where buried: Moscow (Will be buried).
8.Name and Surname, address of wife or parents: Wife Baranova Eugenia Stepanovna.Ufa.Bashkiria SSR. Central Post Office.

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